Equinox Anti-Wrinkle Cream – Eliminate Wrinkles, Creases, and Fine Lines

Has your skin started showing the signs of aging?  You now see the fine lines starting to set in, and you know the wrinkles and creases are coming right behind them.  You need to be proactive and get ahead of the game.  Equinox Anti-Wrinkle Cream can help eliminate existing fine lines, wrinkles and creases, while also helping to prevent new ones.

One thing almost every woman and most men dread is the onset of wrinkles.  Gray hair is bad enough, but it is easy to color and look younger.  Wrinkles are a completely different matter. Face wrinkles are probably the worst.  You cannot hide them, you cannot cover them with makeup.  They are just there.

You do not need to sit back and gracefully accept wrinkles.  You can take action and eliminate them, and reduce the onset of more.  Equinox Anti-Wrinkle cream is designed to be your first line of defense.  You can forget about the extreme measures of botox injections or cosmetic surgery.  You can battle back with the day and night formulation from Equinox.

Let us look at some very serious details here.  No cream is going to be as effective as cosmetic surgery.  Everyone can agree taking a scalpel, slicing into your skin, stretching it tight, and sewing it back together is extremely effective.  It does have two major problems most of us do not want to face.  The first one is surgery itself.  No matter how you try to look at it, this is a surgical procedure, with a real scalpel, real stitches, and real pain.  The second major problem, it will empty your bank account overnight.  While this is a great procedure for a wealthy person, it is out of the reach of most people.

Why do our movie stars and celebrities choose cosmetic surgery?  Quite simply, they can afford the cost, they can afford to be away from home, family, and work for extended periods.  They probably are already using a good wrinkle cream, and due to their years under heavy makeup, and bright lights they need to go to a more extreme cure.  You can have great results without spending like a celebrity.

Botox Injections can be very effective, also.  You just need to be willing to accept the fact of putting a poison into your body, and then realize this expensive procedure is temporary.  You will need to repeat the process on a regular basis.  Equinox Anti-Wrinkle cream is an ongoing process, which helps smooth out the fine lines and wrinkles, without pain, poisons, and the high expense.  Botox injections also involve pain and temporary paralysis in parts of your face.  Do you really want pain and paralysis as part of your wrinkle reduction plans?  Most people try to avoid pain and paralysis.  Equinox is painless, and safe.

You need to choose what is best for you.  Can you afford the expensive medical procedures, and the accompanying risks?  Or do you prefer the safe, effective, and long term method available in Equinox Anti Wrinkle cream.   You can have great results at an affordable price.


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5 Responses to “ Equinox Anti-Wrinkle Cream – Eliminate Wrinkles, Creases, and Fine Lines ”

  1. Joyce Furulie on April 7, 2011 at 6:28 pm

    I would like to return my order of Equinox Day and Night cream. please provide return address. Joyce Furulie

    • Sue on September 23, 2011 at 3:24 pm

      Hi, I just stumbled on this product and was hoping for some independent opinions. Apparently it doesn’t work since you’re sending it back. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Rita Cobb on April 25, 2011 at 4:05 pm

    I would like to return my equinox day and night cream. Please provide return address thank you

  3. Anita Noble on September 29, 2011 at 4:35 pm

    Please do not re-send me Equinox on monthly automatic purchases. I certainly do like the cream but wish to order it separately, as it lasts longer than a month.

    Please confirm that you received this message.

    Thank you.
    Anita Noble (primadonna2004@sbcglobal.net)